St Peter's Craft Press

Keeping alive the craft of Letterpress Printing in the 21st century.

What is letterpress printing?

Most people will be familiar with the name of William Caxton, who along with Johannes Gutenburg are considered to be the founding fathers of letterpress printing. Both established their 'presses' towards the end of the 15th century.

The technique involved setting individually cast metal letters (type) to form the desired text. This was then relief printed onto the paper under some pressure – hence the term 'letterpress'.

This became, and remained, the principal method of general printing, and more importantly, book production, for over five hundred years! It finally succumbed to newer technology during the mid-to late 1960's.

Why we still print by letterpress...

At St Peter's Craft Press we are dedicated to continuing the art and craft of letterpress printing in the 21st century.

Letterpress has a distinct quality of it's own which cannot be emulated by other methods – most notably the slight impression made on the paper.

With a few exceptions all our printing is from handset metal type – NOT from printing plates.

What do we print?

We specialise in exquisite typographically designed Personal Correspondence and Social Stationery for a discerning clientèle.

  • Correspondence cards
  • invitation cards for any occasion
  • wedding stationEry
  • Personalised monogrammed notepaper and envelopes
  • birth announcement cards

Can we print for you?

If you have a special function to organise then we would be delighted to offer you advice and provide a quotation for your consideration.

Would you like your invitation cards inscribed by pen?

We are able to pen letter the names of your invited guests onto the Invitation Cards in a complementary calligraphic style. An inexpensive and elegant finishing touch!

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